Dead Stick Stout - Barnstormer Brewing and Pizzeria

Brewer(s): Barnstormer Brewing and Pizzeria
4.00 / 5 (1 Reviews)
A real treat. Dark and delicious this smooth sweet stout has a dense, lacy head is light brown with fine bubbles topping the black stout. The aroma presents rich roasted malts, chocolate, and fruit notes. In the mouth this beer is smooth and silky wit
Sweet Stout 5.9% 24.0 47.0 1.065 Passenger Flaked Oats, Roasted Barley, Munich, Two Row, Crystal and Chocolate Goldings and Magnum English Ale

Ratings & Reviews

  • Carl J
    By: on
    Rating: 4.0
    In my Top 5 Barnstormer beers.

    Don't let the colour fool you. It's not strong, let alone too strong. It has a subtly, but noticeable hint of roastiness and chocolate.

    Have had this a couple of times, on tap at their location, and in a bottle.